SmartModels™ Corporate provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the risks facing the modern corporation. Particularly in this era of unprecedented volatility, using simple static forecasts without regard to uncertainty around that expectation is simply inadequate information. Corporate provides expected and confidence interval estimates for a wide range of corporate statistics. Click here to see an animated representation of Corporate's funds flow.

  • Start with complete existing capital structure position including common and preferred equity, bonds, derivatives (swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, and many others), and investments.
  • Specify fund flows and priorities for debt, taxes, maintenance and expansion capital expenditures, common and preferred dividends, share repurchase, early debt retirement and much more.
  • Flexible and comprehensive debt/derivative scenario analysis provides unmatched flexibility in evaluating alternatives.
  • Patent-pending non-linear optimization algorithms explicitly incorporate risk constraints into debt structuring solutions. In this way, solutions minimize expected debt capital cost but without exceeding a specified risk tolerance.
  • Extremely flexible constraint parameters provide for extensive customization and fine tuning.
  • Summary and detailed output schedules and charts allow quick inspection of solutions and results.
  • Use our compute grid to calculate up to ten optimization results right from your desktop with unparalleled speed!

Model with the power of SmartModels™ now.