SmartModels™ for Fixed Income

Corporations today are managing greater volatility and uncertainty than they ever have before.  That said, recent research has suggested that most corporation's performance variation is attributable to roughly half a dozen primary risks.  SmartModels™ analytics can dramatically sharpen your understanding of cash flow to equity and the possible impact of events on the horizon.See what we can do for you.   

SmartModels™ analytics applicable to corporations:


Model your entire operation including interest rate, supplier, and demand risk using our patent-pending technologies.  See a complete probability breakdown of your corporate performance.


Is market risk modeling new to you? Calibrator helps you understand the nuances of this type of analysis using historic data, forecasts, or market implied distributions; delivered intuitively and without the usual mind-numbing headache.  


Bond and derivative instrument risk management through yield curve factor analysis. Select a hedge horizon over which to simulate market yield curve changes and ultimately the value of swap and bond instruments.   


Manage ongoing investment risk using the powerful simulation and optimization algorithms in SmartModels™ Investor.

Model with the power of SmartModels™ now.