SmartModels™ Library

smartmodel_prodtemp_librarySmartModels™ Library is the most comprehensive debt and derivative data management solution available for public finance businesses and issuers. Manage the thousands of pieces of information you need to fully support your organization. Store an issuer’s complete capital structure profile:

  • Series level information including series name by structure and tax plan, original and outstanding par, call features, underwriter, trustee, letter or line of credit provider and expiration date, customizable fields, and much more.
  • CUSIP level data with bond type, Federal and state tax status, coupon, maturity, reset and payment frequencies, day count basis, and others.
  • All critical bond characteristics for current coupon, CABs, converters, as well as Federal subsidy bonds such as BABs, QZABs, RZEBs, RZFBs, QSCBs, QECBs and others.
  • Automatic updating and storage of EMMA secondary market trade data.
  • Market curve storage for opportunity monitoring and custom analytics.
  • Complete refunding and call histories.
  • Derivative valuation and market monitoring with DerivActiv.

SmartModels™ Library benefits include:


The average public finance business with 30 professionals must monitor the information on 30,000 to 60,000 CUSIPs. Library handles them all with ease which means greater reach for your business.


Storing critical business data across a portfolio of disjoint spreadsheets invariably leads to inconsistencies and inaccuracies.  Library provides a single source for your hard won business data.

Current Information

Proprietary merge functionality provides a powerful, clean method for updating data while preserving the accuracy of existing “scrubbed” data.


Library uses open database technology; choose from Microsoft or Oracle SQL database implementations easily integrating with that can be used for in-house innovation projects.

Hosted Option

If you prefer not to incur the expense of internal hosting, IA will manage your SmartModels™ Library on the cloud platform of your choice. 


Limit users’ ability to modify data with explicit permission credentials.

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