MarketMaker: the Most Powerful Real-World Yield Curve Analysis Available

To properly analyze today's most challenging fixed income problems, you need an analytic framework that faithfully emulates real-world yield curve changes, often from more than one correlated market, over a horizon not of days, but years. Absent other tools, many are stuck using standard models in settings where they simply do not apply.* Using the latest research on how real-world yield curves move, MarketMaker generates history-consistent yield curves in a manner indistinguishble from real yield curves, while still allowing full control over drifts and averages. 

How real are MarketMaker simulated yield curves? See for yourself by taking our CurveQuiz mobile app! 

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 MarketMaker yield curves are used to analyze

  • Municipal refunding policies (in conjunction with SmartModels™ Refund)
  • Call feature valuation in primary and secondary markets
  • Bond performance including likelihood of pre-refunding
  • Hedge strategies, both mark-to-market and cash flow
  • Asset / Liability Management
  • Counterparty and collateral posting, and liquidity
*For more information on the appropriate use of yield curve models in various settings, see What Interest Rate Model to Use? Buy-Side Versus Sell-Side

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