Banker's Dozen - Debt Profiling Quiz Advanced

This is the second installment in our series of Banker's Dozen quizzes. This time we'll test your knowledge of some nuances of tax-exempt debt, refundings, and bond issuance.  


Within the test file you receive on download, multiple choice answers are provided and on completion, the correct answer plus your score!

1.  When creating a debt profile the most important output is:  

2.  When analyzing a municipal or not-for-profit financial statement, what line items are integral to an accurate debt profile?               

3.  Term bonds differ from serial bonds in the following way:

4.  A new CUSIP will be issued if the following event occurs:       

5.  What is a municipal issuing authority?

6.  When information sources show conflicting data, which is the "most" accurate?

7.  A refunding of a bond is an advance refunding if        

8.  Redemption notices for a bond being called may be found    

9.  Which of the following may have a sinking fund schedule       

10.  If searching EMMA and you come across a blank page that does not have CUSIPs but you need at least the CUSIP6, what should be your next step?

11.  A not-for-profit may sell bonds through the following maximum number of issuing authorities:        

12.  All of the following belong in a debt profile except

13.  Debt profiling is an essential activity because