SmartModels Stage I

SmartModels Utilities: Bootstrap

Everyone in fixed-income has access to certain yield curve analytics. Whether part of a fixed-income pricing system, bond math engine, or a “garage project” spreadsheet, they’re ubiquitous. Our experience is these are either more work or too simple for what's handy day-to-day.

Taking 30/360 semi-annual par yields as input, SmartModels Utilities Bootstrap function gets you to zero, forward, or forward par rates with a click of a button:
  1. Go to SmartModels Utilities and select Bootstrap from the dropdown
  2. Enter a settlement date, input curve, and output dates 
  3. Select your output rate type and Linear or Cubic Spline interpolation methods
  4. Click the Bootstrap button 
  • Speed – Delivers just the analysis you need in a quick, easy-to-use interface
  • Accuracy – These yield curve analytics are industry standard and thoroughly tested; no spreadsheet formulas to audit
  • Speed again - Input ranges are set and stored in the interface until the user changes it, saving additional time when data changes and recalculation is necessary

Bootstrap image