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SmartModels Utilities: Notional

Dealing with swap cash flows is a more and more common activity for analysts dealing with complicated capital structures. Unfortunately going from annual bond amortizations to notional amounts on a cash flow periodic basis is a time consuming  hassle.

SmartModels Utilities Notional function sets you up in seconds:  
  1. Go to SmartModels Utilities and select Notional from the dropdown
  2. Enter an amortization schedule by highlighting a 2 column range of date and amounts
  3. Select the output as either notional on or effective notional, time adjusted for inter-period amortization
  4. Select the output dates
  5. Click the Adjust button 
  • Speed – Go from bond principal schedule at one frequency to swap cash flows in another with just a few clicks
  • Accuracy – Avoid lookup or other easy mistakes with this thoroughly tested algorithms
  • Speed X2 - Input ranges are set and stored in the interface until the user changes it, saving additional time when data changes and recalculation is necessary

util notional output

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describe the image