Banker's Dozen - Debt Profiling Quiz Basic

This excel quiz will test your knowledge of basic debt profiling. Through thirteen questions on everything from data sources, to refunding, to swaps you will get a clear picture of what you know well, and what you need to learn more about. As always, we here at Intuitive Analytics are only a call or email away should you encounter anything that needs more explanation.  

The questions below have multiple choice answers on the test. A score and correct answers is provided once you're done!

1.  An Official Statement in municipal finance is: 

2.  In a fixed rate bond series, serial bonds tend to mature _______ term bonds       

3.  Term bonds differ from serial bonds in the following way:           

4.  All interest on municipal bonds are:        

5.  Explicit details on refunded bonds can always be found in         

6.  The call feature for new money bonds can be found in 

7.  A refunding       

8.  Most fixed rate municipal bonds pay interest    

9.  Which of the following will usually be included in a debt profile?               

10. After the partial refunding of a term bond, the sinking fund schedule of the unrefunded portion will change by

11.  Interest rate swaps are                

12.  A debt service schedule can be used  

13.  The cover of an official statement can be used to find