SmartModels Stage I

SmartModels Utilities: Interpolate

As cash flow consultants we work with yield curves quite a bit, often incomplete ones. How do you generate a 30 year, annual scale starting from 5 to 8 points? Sure, you can build a bunch of interpolation formulas in Excel but this is slow and error-prone.

Interpolate in SmartModels Utilities makes this a snap:

  • Highlight your 2 column input range of dates and amounts
  • Select your output range
  • Select from 'Linear' or 'Cubic Spline' interpolation
  • Click the Interpolate button 
  • Speed - in seconds you can interpolate data points only limited by the number of rows in Excel. 
  • Accuracy - no messy formulas required which are prone to error
  • Simple - clean user interface with flyover help for each input
  • More Speed - Data persists in the interface until the user changes it, saving additional time when recalculating