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SmartModels Utilities: Structure Bonds

Getting a quick tax-exempt debt structure in a spreadsheet is doable though it’s easy to make mistakes and slow if you’re starting from scratch. With a simple 3 column input range of maturity dates, par bond yields, and revenue, the SmartModels Utilities’ Structure Bonds function gets you to a basic bond structure in no time in $5,000 denominations. 

Interpolate in SmartModels Utilities makes this a snap:

  1. Go to SmartModels Utilities and select Structure Bonds from the dropdown
  2. Enter a par amount, dated/delivery dates, first interest and first and last principal dates
  3. Select from one of the six Solution Types to create the desired amortization shape
  4. Select the 3 column input range of date, par bond yields, and revenue
  5. Click the Size button 
Output is a three column range of date, principal amount, and interest
  • Speed – In seconds get a clean bond solution without messing around with any spreadsheet formulas. Enter and highlight the inputs and you’re done
  • Accuracy – Avoid simple but ubiquitous spreadsheet mistakes by using tested Intuitive Analytics algorithms
  • Speed again - Input ranges are set and stored in the interface until the user changes it, saving additional time when data changes and recalculation is necessary

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