Get the best utilities available for your day-to-day public finance work!

Spreadsheets are convenient for a lot of things but let's face it, they don't make everything easy. Some really basic calculations are frankly a pain in the neck. We bundled up some of our favorite in-house functions so you can download our time-saving, headache-relieving, Excel Add-in utilities and start getting your work done faster and more accurately today.

SmartModels Utilities offers seven primary features (click feature for video and further description):

  • Interpolate - Ever get an incomplete bond or swap scale and have to write a bunch of interpolation formulas to fill in your points? Never again with SmartModels Utilities. 
  • Structure Bonds - Need a quick and dirty debt service structure fast? You just found it. Put in par amount, dated/delivery, payment dates, and you're all set.
  • Annualize - Take payments of any frequency and aggregate them into annual (or any period!) totals in a snap. 
  • Bootstrap (Par to Zeros/Forwards) - When you need zeros or forward rates but all you have is a par yield curve, this is your answer.describe the image This can be done with spreadsheet formulas but what a hassle. Here's a simple interface to get it done fast and accurately. 
  • Notional Schedules - Converting bond amortizations to outstanding amounts for swap notionals is easy. It's a drag if you have cash flow dates that don't directly tie to the bond amortization dates. Problem solved with the Notionals feature.
  • Unique Element List - If you've ever had to go through and grab the unique elements of a big list in Excel, you know this can be a major drag. No trouble at all with this Unique feature. 
  • Simulate Rates - Interest rate uncertainty is at peak levels. SmartModels Utilities give you a fast, powerful way to analyze interest rate variability with the Simulate Rates function.


SmartModels Utilities Licenses - Professional and Free Versions

Application & Feature



Interpolation output points  20  Unlimited
Annualize - Output frequency  Annual Only  Any
Bootstrap output rates  Unlimited  Unlimited
Structure Bonds (term)  10 years  Unlimited
Unique elements  500  Unlimited
Notional  Unlimited  Unlimited
Rate Simulation  500 simulations  Unlimited
Tech Support  Pay per call1,2  1Y Unlimited
 Price  FREE! 

 Only$395, Limited Time!

Pay per call1 - technical support by phone $125/case

Pay per call- e-mail support available on business days with a 24hr. turnaround period $75/case


For detailed information on installation requirements, click here.