VIDEO: Using Excel to Size a Muni Bond Deal

Posted by Peter Orr on Aug 30, 2012


The public finance business is a mystery to the vast majority of the population. People have usually heard of municipal bonds before and may have some vague sense that it has something to do with dodging taxes but beyond that - what pays them back, how they come into existence, who sells them (big bad banks), buys them (rich people?) and what they finance is clouded in a dense fog. The video here shines a bit of light on one tiny piece of that market - how to size and structure a muni bond deal using Excel. In the process it details the little bit of Excel formula magic that every aspiring bond structuring artist must understand in order to evolve into a true IB muni bond quant.  Let us know what you think!

ps You can download the spreadsheet built in this video HERE.