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Refunding Adjusted Yield (RAY) Shines Light on Issuer Financing Cost

Posted by Peter Orr on Jan 23, 2015

It’s 2015. Watson vanquished humans in Jeopardy 4 years ago and is now rapidly moving towards replacing as many oncologists as possible. Google is just one company running driverless cars and trucks around everywhere. Facebook is trying to monetize every eye twitch you make looking at a web page. Let’s check in on innovation in public finance:

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VIDEO: Muni Bond Sizing through Linear Optimization

Posted by Peter Orr on Apr 24, 2013

My colleague David de la Nuez (PhD Operations Research) and I build on the linear algebra from our prior video to show how to set up sources and uses and cash flows for a hypothetical three bond deal. Dr. David then solves the linear program using a few simple lines of MATLAB code; doesn't get much juicier than this, don't miss it!   

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VIDEO - Optimization in Muni Bond Sizing

Posted by Peter Orr on Mar 15, 2013

"Computer programming is an art, because it applies accumulated knowledge to the world, because it requires skill and ingenuity, and especially because it produces objects of beauty. A programmer who subconsciously views himself as an artist will enjoy what he does and will do it better."  Donald Knuth

This video builds on the overwhelming popularity of our first video on using linear algebra to structure bond deals in public finance and lays out a technique for applying a basic optimzation algorithm to simultaneously size and amortize a $100 million municipal bond deal, from 10 years out to 3,000 (just for fun). 

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VIDEO: Linear Algebra of Public Finance Debt Sizing

Posted by Peter Orr on Mar 13, 2013

"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is."  - John Louis von Neumann 

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VIDEO: Using Excel to Size a Muni Bond Deal

Posted by Peter Orr on Aug 30, 2012


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