(Un)Calculated Risk | by Peter Orr of Intuitive Analytics

How much Apple is in your Public Finance?

Posted by Peter Orr on Nov 16, 2011

With Steve Jobs’ recent passing and new biography on the bookshelves it’s been nearly impossible to avoid learning something about the guy who completely re-engineered some pretty major markets: portable music player, cell phones, and now the tablet computer. The thing that has intrigued me as we wash in the continuous stream of Jobs exposure is how he seemed to successfully embrace a number of contradictions. A Zen student/philosopher but also tyrannical to the point of one former colleague suggesting he would’ve made an excellent King of France. He was solidly in the billionaires club yet lived in a very modest home that he often left unlocked.

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Want to Get Hired by More Public Finance Issuers? Know Your Position

Posted by Peter Orr on Oct 06, 2010

The first word in our company name means we do a lot more than calc pv savings. We often work with investment banking or financial advisor clients to come up with the clearest way to express complex analyses to tax-exempt issuers. Frequently this leads to crafting ways to convey key messages as part of a broader strategy to get hired.  What often surprises me about these discussions is how little people know about their position. Let me explain

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