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Want to Get Hired by More Public Finance Issuers? Know Your Position

Posted by Peter Orr on Oct 06, 2010

The first word in our company name means we do a lot more than calc pv savings. We often work with investment banking or financial advisor clients to come up with the clearest way to express complex analyses to tax-exempt issuers. Frequently this leads to crafting ways to convey key messages as part of a broader strategy to get hired.  What often surprises me about these discussions is how little people know about their position. Let me explain

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The REAL Challenge for Investment Banks, Part II…

Posted by Peter Orr on Feb 16, 2009

"Finally, the business model of the investment banks is almost certainly going to change. Over the last 20 years, investment banking went from primarily an advisory business to being mostly a business where firms traded their own accounts – so-called proprietary trading."

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The REAL Challenge for Investment Banks: Part 1

Posted by Peter Orr on Feb 08, 2009

"Number 10: Never give up on an idea simply because it is bad and doesn't work. Cling to it even when it is hopeless. Anyone can cut and run, but it takes a very special person to stay with something that is truly stupid and harmful…"

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Financial Software: The Good, the Bad, the Ineffective

Posted by Peter Orr on Dec 31, 2008

"The dividend of the computer revolution to us did not come in the flooding of self-perpetuating email messages and access to chat rooms; it was in the sudden availability of fast processors capable of generating a million sample paths per minute."

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Finance Professionals: Black Box or Glass Box?

Posted by Peter Orr on Dec 26, 2008

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."

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